CDC: Conceptual Design for North 22nd Street Corridor

The team at IS-DG participated with the Allegheny West Foundation for the conceptual design for creating a sense of place for the North 22nd Street corridor. Working with the Community Design Collaborative, Ian collaborated with several other local architects who volunteered their time to showcase what this underutilized street could be. The team created designs for a pocket park, improved pedestrian experience, and transformed building facades.

Community Design Collaborative volunteers worked with The Allegheny West Foundation (AWF), a task force comprised of business owners and community stakeholders, and high school students in AWF’s summer program.

The volunteers focused on improving the pedestrian experience and helped highlight an underutilized plaza space. They centered designs around a beautiful mural already on the plaza in addition to revealing hidden architectural details on facades. All designs were grounded in the maintenance capacity of AWF and the availability of City funding programs.

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