Ian Smith Design Group (IS-DG)

Architects, Planners and Interior Designers

Ian Smith Design Group is an architecture firm with a diverse view of how architecture can embrace culture intentionally leveraging the diverse experience of its staff to cultivate magical design strategies. We strive to design buildings that are appropriate with respect to culture, climate, and available resources, as well as societal needs. We offer great passion and creativity to all facets of our work. Our extensive design and fine arts background is a valuable resource to our clients. IS-DG insists that success is achieved from providing products that anyone can use… and it doesn’t hurt to add a little meaning in to the process.


LEED Planning, Marketing Materials, Strategic Facility Planning, Site Analysis, Zoning Process Assistance, Accessibility compliance, Building Design, BIM – Building information Modeling, Code Compliance, Construction Documentation, Interior Design, LEED Guidance, Space Planning, Visualization, Contractor Procurement, Contract Administration


We have found that the inclusion and productivity methods required for collaborative public interest projects are particularly helpful in guiding the objectivity and the humility required for any project. By continuing to collaborate with neighborhood participants we keep these sensitivities fresh as a guiding principle for all current and future work.


Ian Smith, Principal

Chris Soffientini, Staff Architect

Julie Hagopian, Staff Architect

Susan Hutton DeAngelus, Office Manager

Hanna Manninen, Graphic Designer

Our inclusive office culture encourages each staff member to participate in publishing their findings from the projects we take on. We intend to formalize how design can be used for the urban realm and furthermore influence global inclusive growth.


IS-DG ALUMNI INCLUDE: Kwesi Daniels, Stephanie Haller, Jennifer Drummond, Daniel Watts, Ariel Vazquez, Gina Dallago, Clifton Fordham, Antonio Iosue, Bryan Jones, Sydney Hibshman, Kerry Hohenstein