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  • Lorenzo and Sons re-opening party

    Lorenzo & Sons Re-Grand Opening

      Lorenzo & Sons Pizzeria is back to provide a pretty good deal to South Street activity. They have even upped the ante with night time LED event lighting.

  • Study for renovation of commercial building

    Kirk Fromm and IS-DG collaborate

    Kirk Fromm, arguably one of the best architectural illustrator in the city of Philadelphia. This, coming from one who has attempted renderings with photo realistic results. Photo realistic computer generated images are exhilarating, however, not as successful when suggestion is required. Kirk Fromm’s images work as useful tools in the art of suggestion and persuasion.…

  • Lorenzo's Pizza in Philadelphia

    Lorenzon’s Pizza

    Dan Stamm of NBC 10 Philadelphia recently wrote about the reopening of Lorenzo’s Pizza on South Street. He spoke to Ian Smith about his role in the revitalization of this Philadelphia landmark. Here is an excerpt from the article: Philly architect Ian Smith, a long-time Lorenzo’s fan himself, says that everyone involved had comfort and…

  • Levering Street residences

    A full-service architecture, planning and design firm

    Ian Smith Design Group is a full-service architecture, planning and design firm with experience in new construction, and interior renovation. Additional services include architectural image branding, as well as product design. When arriving at appropriate solutions for uncommon design challenges, IS-DG not only offers great passion and creativity to all facets of its work, but…