Project Description

ACBHMC Descriptive Commentary

The first three items represented is the ground plane which sets the stage for the memorial. It not only provides an altered perspective in its sloped promenade, but also represents the mass deportation routes of 1942‐1945; from which the “Tower of Messengers” rises.The second is the “Tower of Messengers” is a place for angelic custodians of the memorial. The messengers are constant observers whose mission it is to protect the history by watching over the grounds and wall. The Names of the Righteous among Nations are to be engraved upon the posts of the tower.Last, the “Wall of the Innocents” is a white multifaceted representation of the numerous Jewish and multi‐national civilians lost. A lower portion of the West face is reserved for a statement denouncing any repetition of this event. The East facade is reserved for narratives of survivors accompanied by a L.E.D
light display.