Project Description

A sweeping wall that emerges from the ground is to become the resolute memorial to those who have committed their lives to the service of our society’s laws. One’s route to the memorial destination begins with a gentle incline upon entry and resolves with a gradual decent approach toward the memorial wall. The placement of the wall and its physical mass has displaced and distorted earth through its assignment. The intent by its placement is to define an area dedicated to remembrance without fully blocking one’s view across the square. Complementary perennial plantings conforming to the disrupted plane are to signify the perpetual influence of the actions determined by the fallen heroes. Not only do their memories live on, but also their influential will to signify the meaning expressed within the eternal flame.

The memorial is a faceted wall inspired by a masonry type assembly. Masonry wall assemblies are typically made of several units. These individual units appear similar in size, yet are typically varied in shape, color and texture. This memorial imagines our heroes as individuals with distinct personal characteristics that are essential to the structural integrity of the whole assembly.