Project Description

HERC Holocaust Sculpture Competition

We choose to celebrate and encourage the accomplishment of courageous individuals who have and will stand for protecting humanity from blind unilateral violent actions. Here we propose to represent the complicated human condition in a construction of energetic sinuousness. Our Proposal consists of three items; the center sculpture, the paving, and the surrounding tree pattern.

The center sculpture object consists of two items; a table and a beacon. In the black stone table we idealize the campaign to preventing a Holocaust from ever being repeated. The purpose of the table is to establish a benchmark for moral activism, its importance resounds in reflecting the presence of its participants in the surface of the table. The sinuous vessel emerges to inspire reflection, conversation, contemplation, discussion, and education.

The proposed paving ground establishes a sacred public space for meditating on the paths to which one can protect humanity. The proposed paving defines the threshold of the sacred space.

Last, the convergent tree pattern surrounding the memorial provides a formal curtain to both soften the existing brick building wall beyond as well as shading an area for seating.