Project Description

172 Grape Street, 183-185 Levering Street

For some time a large hole bordered by Silverwood St. between Levering Street and Grape Street has been vacant. A site traumatized by a failing retaining wall has long needed a courageous effort to restore the lost building fabric.

A solution to anchor the corners of a most extreme elevation grade change was pursued to arrive at (3) single family dwellings situated around a communal courtyard for vehicle access. The Grape street property is the largest nearing approximately 3000gsf. The (2) properties on Levering are just under 2200gsf.The three dwellings are predominantly vernacular, however, several opportunities were available to take advantage of views and direct morning sunlight. This led to proposing a contemporary window assembly to signify this amenity. On a good day the amount of light that penetrates the fa├žade eliminates most need for artificial lighting.The communal courtyard not only satisfies the need for off-street parking access, but also provides a well proportion open area for group social activities. The condition of the existing stone retaining wall provides additional privacy from the public as well as acoustical dampening for neighboring residents.