IS-DG video


Much of who we are as people comes from the stories we have been told as well as the ones that we are a part of. As Architects, we work to identify the intertwined emotional narratives upon which we depend to prepare everyone for the environments we guide through design.

ISDG is a team dedicated to building trust with the public through our attention to detail and communication trade skills. Thus, we apply our design wisdom with a responsiveness that best accommodates project challenges with client, budget and place in mind.

We Include and work with surrounding urban, exurban, open, and green landscape spaces to provide for an integrated proposal. The “Power of 10” and “Tactical Urbanism” are two popular examples from which we borrow to innovate the making of place.

Although the owner carries with him African American Heritage, the body of our work is justly diverse as the cosmopolitan acquisitiveness of its staff members here doing the work. Visit our website and tour our story to see how we might build value in your story.